The Conference will be held at the splendid premises of the Royal Castle, located in the historical centre of Warsaw at the entrance to the Old Town. Its history is dated back to 15th century, when its was the seat of Mazovian Dukes. Since 1526, when the last Mazovian  Duke has died childless and the Duchy of Mazovia  was incorporated  into Polish Kingdom, the Castle was established as an official residence of Polish Kings. In 1926 it became the residence of the President of the Republic of Poland.
In September 1939 the Castle was bombed by German warplanes during the siege of Warsaw and burned out. In 1944, the Nazi troops completed its demolition by systematically blowing it up with dynamite. All what was left were cellars and part of the ground floor.
The reconstruction of the Castle, financed in a big part by voluntary donations from Polish citizens,  began in 1971 and its basic stage (restoration of the Castle to its state from before 1939) was completed in July 1974. However, it was not fully completed until 1988. And even after that date some elements are still being reconstructed.
Today the Royal Caste is a National Museum and a cultural centre. It consists of many rooms and halls, all painstakingly restored. More information about the Castle is available at: